No more Relevance scores for Ads Manager

FB have decided to replace relevance scores from 30th April 2019 with;

  • Quality Ranking - FB will score how your ad quality and content quality will rank against your competitors.
  • Engagement Rate Ranking  - Again, your engagement rate compared to your competitors, but just for paid ads, not on your page using organic content. With this you can gauge how you are resonating with your audience and how they are interacting with your ads.
  • Conversion Rate Ranking - How are your results compared to your competitors. What happens when people get to your landing page. Do clicks convert and bring results. 

STORIES - I have no idea what to post!

Stories are BIG across FB & IG! Twitter is also bringing in a feature that has an air of stories about it. You need Stories, you need a strategy for Stories, even if it's just to create one! 

Consider your brand story, brand colours, a theme that is easily identifiable as you. Use the options available to add a location, stickers, tag someone, or add a poll. 

Make it fun and engaging and most of all tell a story!

It's all about the GROUPS?

Do you run a FB Group? Should you be running a FB Group?

A Group is your party and you're the host! Make sure people are connecting with other party go-ers and having such a fab time they don't want to leave.

Consider what you are posting to achieve the best engagement and value to your guests as possible, maybe even consider a Community Manager to keep interaction and engagement going.